Required Reading

Here’s a list of all the best libertarian, anarchist,  anarcho-capitalist, and voluntaryist literature. This is by no means an exhaustive list and new works are being reviewed and added all the time.

Political Philosophy
  • For a New Liberty – Murray N. Rothbard. Written in 1973, Rothbard outlines his vision for an anarcho-capitalist society.  Persuasive arguments and clear prose defines Rothbard and For a New Liberty is no different.
  • The Ethics of Liberty – Murray N. Rothbard. Where For a New Liberty looks at the libertarian society as a whole (praxis), The Ethics of Liberty focuses on natural law, ethics and political philosophy (theory). Together, the two make up a complete, systematic definition of liberty.
  • A Spontaneous Order – Christopher Chase Rachels. This is a great book. Chase does a really good job organizing this book into a comprehensive look at an anarcho-capitalist society.  The opening chapter on epistemology and praxeology is outstanding.
  • The Economics and Ethics of Private Property – Hans Hermann Hoppe. A collection of Dr. Hoppe’s articles on various topics dealing with private property norms.
  • Human Action – Ludwig Von Mises.
  • Man, Economy, and State – Murray N. Rothbard.
  • Economics in One Lesson – Henry Hazlitt