Tucker Carlson Eviscerates Neocon Warmonger in Primetime

Fox News host Tucker Carlson absolutely demolishes neoconservative foreign policy advisor Max Boot in this 10 minute interview. In addition to calling out Boot for being “consistently wrong in the most flagrant and flamboyant way for over a decade”, he questions his career choice, asking him whether he’d be better at “selling insurance or housepainting”.

Though it may seem a bit sophomoric, this is exactly the type of derision and mockery the interventionist neoconservative foreign policy deserves. Their policy of regime change in the middle east and elsewhere has failed miserably and spectacularly. It has caused millions of deaths, the proliferation of Islamic terrorism, and the destabilization of the entire region.



US Launches Missiles at Syria over Suspected Chemical Weapons Attack

Yesterday, President Trump authorized a U.S. Military strike on an air base in Syria, over Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s suspected chemical weapons attack that killed over 100 people earlier this week.

Early reports of casualties range between seven and nine, with injuries to at least nine more. Per the Guardian:

A Syrian official told the Associated Press that at least seven were killed and nine were wounded in a US missile attack on the airbase. Reuters reported that the Syrian state news agency said the strikes killed nine civilians, including four children, in areas near the targeted airbase. The death toll has not been independently verified.

There is some controversy over the chemical weapons attack to occurred in the province of Idlib on April 4th. It is known fact that the Syrian government is not in possession of chemical weapons, after giving them up in 2014. In the meantime, there has been zero evidence that Assad’s military has acquired new chemical weapons. We do know, though, that rebel ISIS and al-Qaeda forces in Syria and Iraq have chemical weapons stockpiles because they have used them dozens of times, killing hundreds, since 2014.

So who is responsible for this recent attack? Is it Assad or the ISIS rebels? In matters like these it’s helpful to stay emotion free and follow evidence and logic to see who benefits.

It is well-known and widely reported that the Syrian civil war was almost over. In recent months, Syrian forces had taken back key cities and territories and was closing in on ISIS in both Mosul and Raqqa, which is essentially the ISIS caliphate’s territorial capital. So why would Assad gas his own people now, which he knows will turn the entire world against him, when he’s so close to winning the war? On its face, it makes no sense.

As noted above, though, ISIS does have chemical weapons and has proven they have zero qualms about using them. Why is it so hard to believe then that ISIS would perpetrate this attack in order to bait the U.S. into bombing Assad and turning the tide of war in their favor? False flag events are not uncommon.

Even if one doesn’t buy into the possibility of the chemical attack as a ISIS perpetrated false flag event, why assume Assad did it? If we use Occam’s Razor, where the simplest explanation is generally the most plausible, the Russian’s may have the answer. Kremlin sources claim that a Syrian airstrike hit a weapons silo where ISIS rebels were building bombs loaded with chemical weapons destined for fighters in Iraq. It was in these strike that the chemical weapons were released into the surrounding area.

If that’s true, and it seems a likely scenario, then why attack Assad? Why risk indefinitely prolonging an already waning civil war, killing thousands more, including the potential for American troops, unless the goal all along was to remove Assad and institute a more western friendly puppet?  One only has to look to Iraq or Libya to see how well that policy has worked out.

Only time will tell if Trump succumbs to the pressure of the domestic neoconservatives, deep state establishment, and an Israel that are all hell-bent on taking down Assad in Syria. Trump campaigned on a non-interventionist foreign policy and a desire to avoid the mistakes of Iraq and Libya’s regime change, but the sad fact is that drone strikes are up over 400% since Trump took office.  This latest foray into war doesn’t bode well for those of us who wish to not see the beginning of World War III.