Cultural Marxism and the Decline of Western Civilization

There is a fascinating interview with Doug Casey, renowned speculator and investing guru, posted on Lew Rockwell’s site today, which, by the way, should be required reading for anyone who wants to understand current events. In the interview, which you can read here, Casey discusses Cultural Marxism, the scientific sham that is bioethics and how the two push us towards the decline of Western civilization.

Some highlights:

Casey on Cultural Marxism

“Cultural Marxism, however, is just as destructive [as economic Marxism]. It divides people not into economic classes, but cultural classes. You’re no longer an individual—you’re part of a gender, or a race, or some other group. Undoubtedly one being discriminated against by white males who—not just coincidentally—are largely responsible for Western Civilization. It encourages them to view themselves not as individuals, but members of a group. So it actually foments class warfare.”

Cultural Marxism, the underlying ideology of the social justice warrior movement, is one of the two most destructive political movements in America today, the other being neo-conservatism. It is single-handedly destroying free association and free speech, particularly on college campuses, but also in regular society.

Casey on Diversity

“I form my friendships based upon the character and the beliefs that a person has. The attributes that create diversity are stupid accidentals. The fact that diversity is emphasized draws attention to incidentals like race, sex, and gender, and diverts it from important things like character and beliefs. Diversity has become destructive. Cultural Marxists love “diversity” because, in fact, they actually hate people. And themselves. They want to cause conflicts that work to destroy Western Civilization—which they also hate.”

There is no question that social justice warriors and other Cultural Marxists seek to divide people based on identity politics. What Casey is highlighting here is the end game of the Cultural Marxists, whether knowingly or unknowingly: the destruction of Western civilization.

Up until recently, I, too, would’ve thought that hyperbolic. Not anymore. Students at the University of London are demanding that “white” philosophers be dropped from the university’s Philosophy courses. Just in case you were wondering, here’s a short list of some “problematic” white philosophers the students want banned: Plato, Descartes, Immanuel Kant, and Bertrand Russell.  These names comprise the philosophical foundation of Western Civilization and wiping them away from study would be a major blow. Should it even be surprising that the student responsible for the request is a self-admitted admirer of Marxist philosophers? Thankfully, administrators see this as the colossal mistake it is. Per Sir Anthony Seldon, the vice-chancellor at Buckingham University, “There is a real danger political correctness is getting out of control. We need to understand the world as it was and not to rewrite history as some might like it to have been.”

Casey on Bioethics

“Bioethics is a phony science, recently concocted by people working for pharmaceutical companies, governments, and medical institutions looking for excuses to justify what they have already decided to do…They are generally sociopaths who want us to accept their statist, collectivist ethics, and thereby exert control over the direction of society, taking it down paths they deem best…It’s especially dangerous because when people read about a consensus of Ph.D.s agreeing that X or Y is ethical, they may be seduced into letting these others do their ethical thinking for them, instead of holding on to the vital responsibility of thinking through ethical matters for themselves.”

In this sense, Cultural Marxists and bioethicists work in tandem to destroy Western Civilization. Cultural Marxists seek to rewrite history, tearing down what they consider icons of oppression. Bioethicists, on the other hand, seek to push society down the paths government elites have already decided, always seeking to mold popular opinion on subjects in the government’s favor.

Casey on the Future of Western Civilization

“Once an empire starts falling apart, trying to stop it is like trying to stop a tree from falling once its roots have rotted. It can’t be done, and it’s best not to be around when it happens.

The Cultural Marxists and other enemies of Western Civilization are in total control of the education system, so the next several generations of young people are corrupted. They control the media, so they control the prevailing intellectual climate. They control the NGOs, and the “think tanks” that infest DC and other major capitals. They control the Deep State.”

I always like to try to turn a lemon into lemonade. But it’s impossible if someone drops a 500-pound bomb on your kitchen, and follows it up with a poison gas attack. That said, I like to do what I can. Not because I expect success, but because it’s the right thing to do. And that is as important, from a personal viewpoint, as anything in the world.”


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