Without Government, Who Would Provide ______????

One of the most persistent arguments any anarcho-capitalist hears, without question, is “But without government, who would build the roads?”  All too often, the question comes from some statist who wields the argument around like it’s a checkmate against anarchy. It isn’t. In fact, roads in the pure free market is one of the easiest things to explain. For this reason, the “roads argument” is the source of much derision among libertarian.

Nevertheless, the question remains. It doesn’t matter if the issue is roads, PBS, or defense services, the question isn’t who will build or provide these services, but who will fund them. On the free market, these services aren’t funded by a coercive government stealing the hard earned money of it’s citizens, but by the individuals who use the service.

Many people counter that this is utopian; that it’s too difficult for individuals and organizations to coordinate the production of so called “public goods.” Nonsense, take the recent case of Planned Parenthood. After President Trump announced he was cutting funding from Planned Parenthood, the market miraculously responded in the form of increased individual and private funding. Proponents of Planned Parenthood argue that increased private donations equal increased public demand for federal funding, but what they don’t realize is that they’re actually making the case for privatization.

If you’re ever in doubt about how x would be provided in an anarchic society, just follow the handy chart below.



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