Big Brother is Watching You

Wikileaks released their latest in a series of confidential documents leaked from sources within the CIA. This latest leak, Vault 7, is being called a “treasure trove” that contains several thousand documents outlining the terrifying variety of ways the American government, via the CIA, is spying on American citizens.

Here are some of the most important takeaways:

  • The CIA created malware that they can install on electronic devices to bypass the encryption settings on mobile devices. This allows them to control the microphone and camera settings, as well as access the data.
  • The CIA developed a program that is meant to mask their hacking tools and make their work mirror that of other countries. (Remember how the DNC hacks during the election “looked” like the Russians did it?)
  • The CIA is fully capable of taking over the mic and camera settings on Amazon Echo devices, as well as Samsung Smart TV’s. They’ve even developed a “fake off” setting that allows them to spy even when the device is “off”.
  • If controlling your TV and electronic devices isn’t scary enough, the CIA can also hack your car’s computer, allowing for all kinds of new assassinations that look like car crashes.
  • The CIA paid tech companies to leave small holes in the security of devices to allow for easy access, which also allows hackers of all kinds to access your devices, not just the CIA.
  • The kicker: all of these tools have been compromised and are potentially being used by foreign hacking organizations and governments.

The entire collection can be viewed here.

This leaked information proves what many of us have been saying all along. The CIA is a criminal organization within a much larger criminal organization: the US government. The laws put in place to protect the privacy of citizens are routinely ignored, abused, and broken as the State takes greater control of our lives.

Those of us that have been pointing this out for years and have been ridiculed as conspiracy theorists are finally receiving vindication through these leaks. The question remains: will enough Americans stand up to this Big Brother State and demand liberty?


2 thoughts on “Big Brother is Watching You

  1. […] As despicable as the previous administration’s drone policy was, at least they were being carried out by the Pentagon and in full view of both public and Congress. The idea that the CIA can now identify and carry out airstrikes on their own, without documentation or oversight, should send chills up the spine of any reasonable thinking human being. This is, of course, the same CIA that can secretly hack smartphones, televisions, computers, personal assistants such as the Amazon Echo, and …. […]


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