Happy Tyrant’s Day!

It’s President’s Day today in America. What started as a nod to George Washington’s birthday, has become a national holiday to celebrate some of the most awful, megalomaniacal men in our nation’s history.
One of the most obvious failings of the public school system is how utterly misled and misinformed Americans are regarding the truly terrible things perpetrated by the political class. Often times, the more sacred the cow, the worse the actual behavior.Take Lincoln. Widely regarded as one of the greatest U.S. presidents, the tyrannical deeds of Honest Abe can hardly be understated. Though Lincoln is hardly alone in this regard; FDR, Wilson, and G.W. Bush are historically bad.
So instead of using today to honor some fictitious record you were sold in public school, take 30 minutes to listen to this Tom Woods podcast for a real history lesson.

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